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Demily - The David and Emily Community
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Comm for RP fanfiction, icons, banners, wallpapers etc related to Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz
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This is a place for everything Demily.

They are everyone's favourite celebrity non-couple with the best chemistry on-screen and off. This is a place to share your Demily fiction, icons, banners, wallpapers and anything else Demily.

Posting Rules:

1. Posts to this community must relate to Emily and David Boreanaz, not Booth and Brennan.
2.When posting anything to this community make sure that it is under and LJ cut.
3. For icons you may show three as a preview (not under a cut).
4. For wallpapers and banners you may show one preview.
5. For fiction make sure to include a summary and rating including a warning if your fic contains adult material.
6. Please try to respect the people you are writing about because they are real people and deserve to be treated as such.

Everything that is posted to this community will be linked to the master list.